Adhamh Roland’s performances lay his heart out as an invitation for his audience to find themselves in it.

Oakland California based singer songwriter, Adhamh Roland, hails from St. Louis Missouri where he began his music career belting anti-capitalist anthems and Ani Difranco covers as a street performer at age 13. Roland’s multi-faceted and thoughtful style is a nod to the many journeys his life has offered him since those days; from the geographic, to the socio-political, to the spiritual. His songs embrace contradiction and dismantle duality in a poetic fabric of words, melody and spirit.

Roland co-founded the Riot Folk collective in 2004 and has toured internationally for over ten years—4,000 miles of which he bicycled. He has released five albums including an intimate soundscape of his medical transition in which he harmonized with his pre-testosterone and post-testosterone voice in his 2009 release “Patchwork and Threadbare.” Roland has performed his acoustic sets in hundreds of venues including universities, union halls, meditation halls, churches, community gardens, sit-ins, picket lines and living rooms (his favorite).  Roland has scored film and theater performances, toured and created with Benchpress Burlesque and The Tranny Roadshow, and was featured in the 2009 documentary “Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Musical Performance.”

In 2012 Roland created a singing telegram business, Tin Can Singing Telegram–featured in local papers as well as Newsweek–in which he wrote and delivered hundreds of custom-tailored songs for recipients around the San Francisco Bay Area on behalf of their loved ones. Since the spring of 2014 Roland has returned to crafting his own songs for himself and his listeners, trading in his accordion and telegram costume of a tux and tails in for his guitar.

In addition to musical performances, Roland has facilitated workshops around the country on topics of anti-oppression, gender, bicycle touring, and conflict resolution. He currently works as a youth social justice facilitator (The Mosaic Project, Anytown) and a violence-prevention educator in elementary schools (Soul Shoppe).


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